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2020 Game #3 Florida State Seminoles


Irish game projection readers. Don’t panic but COVID-19 has impacted the FSU game projections.  That pesky COVID-19 blocked your author’s pipeline to his Irish contacts, Jack Tagovailoa-Amosa and Myron Kiser.  So no in-depth look at the Irish for this week. Similarly, my seminal Seminoles contact, Bobby Bowden III, was severed.  All this darn COVID stuff. My “guys” are in quarantine.  So here is the limited projection. FSU players appear not to recognize there in no “I” in team as they have not demonstrated cohesion in their three games this year.  And when coupled with public dissension between Coach Norvell and some players, the current FSU outlook is not promising. Norvell told the media he had spoken with each player one on one about the BLM issues, which was then public ally  disputed by a player.  Plus ( and this is really a matter of concern), Coach Norvell said during the past week that their practices were “disappointing”.  That last comment raises some sense of foreboding because, I recall when Coach Holtz would continually remind folks that the Irish opponents were really good and also gave scholarships. Perhaps in this instance the FSU scholarships were given to the wrong players!!! Ultimately, not to worry, as the Irish will prevail 38 to 10. Keep your eyes open for Kevin Austin who returns from injury and will likely play 20 to 25 snaps. Look for Book to look to the Austin nook, by hook or by crook!  With Austin and Lenzy on the field at the same time the question will be whether Book can connect with them in the deep ball.  So GO IRISH ☘️☘️☘️!!  I am hopeful that my contacts  are available for next weeks game especially Cardinal Pitino. And since the report on the FSU game is so limited (and you might not feel like you are getting your money’s worth- although you did not pay for this service)here is an Irish trivia question that you can consider prior to gametime.  Five Notre Dame graduates currently in the NFL who are captains of their respective NFL teams can you name them?  Once more GO IRISh!! ☘️☘️☘️

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