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Who is Rog?

A 1970 Notre Dame grad, Rog is the quintessential Domer: obsessed with Notre Dame football, eternally optimistic (except in big games), and overflowing with the humor and levity that can only be borne from the decades of that unique pain caused by die-hard ND football fandom. You'll have no issue seeing Rog's boundless optimism shining forth in his picks - if Rog's picks had held the past five years, Notre Dame would be the five time reigning national champ and Brian Kelly's golden statue would currently be sitting outside Notre Dame Stadium alongside Rockne, Leahy, and Parseghian.

A Sabre fencer during his time at Notre Dame, Rog has a penchant for sprinkling fencing puns into his Prognostications - he started writing these for his fencing buddies from school, so just grin and bear them, just as they still do.

After reading a few of his Prognostications, you might be left wondering if Rog has too much time on his hands. And, well, my mother and I have been wondering that too. What we do know, though, (and hope you come to know, too), is that Rog loves Notre Dame, puns, trivia, and sharing his humor and joy with others. So, we hope you enjoy Rog's Prognostications as much as he does. We know we do.

- Diana and Blake

. . . And Our Hearts Forever . . .





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